La Taqueria de Birra Don Pedro, Mexican in the Centre of Madrid

This Mexican restaurant in the center of Madrid has an extremely unique and cozy interior design concept with all kinds of Mexican items to taste the best of traditional Mexican cuisine in a space that combines perfectly with its culture and atmosphere in a very authentic way.

At La Taqueria de Birra Don Pedro you can learn about Mexican culture and enjoy our renowned traditional cuisine with recipes that will transport you to the Aztec country.

Why you should visit La Taqueria de Birra Don Pedro?

We also offer a wide variety of cocktails based on tequilas and mezcals in the purest Mexican style.

In addition La Taqueria de Don Pedro serves at home and organizes events and celebrations for you to enjoy unique moments in a different and alternative space.

Come visit us and get to know us a little better!

History In 1989, we opened the first Taqueria in Madrid in the Plaza de las Comendadoras, in front of the old convent that gives its name to this traditional square. The idea was born as a result of a trip to Mexico from where we brought all the necessary instruments such as molcajete, comales, metates, tortilleras… and everything for making tacos (because there was nothing at all in Spain). Years later, in 1993 we opened the second taquería in the city, La Taquería de Birra Don Pedro, in the heart of the La Latina neighborhood, a sequel to the first taquería opened in the Spanish capital in Plaza de las Comendadoras. Tons of objects and gadgets from the popular Mexico traveled from the Aztec country to define a space of authenticity committed to Mexican cuisine and the vitality of its environment.
Authentic Mexican atmosphere A typical and original decoration with objects and photographs of Mexican daily life, ambient music that comes directly from Mexico and the most outstanding specialties of this country, are the best letter of introduction of the restaurant La Taquería de Birra, the oldest taquería in Madrid and one of the oldest Mexican restaurants in the city. Its characteristic atmosphere and its fast and efficient service make La Taquería de Birra the ideal spot for an afternoon with friends or an evening in good company.
Kitchen Culinary art is synonymous with culture. Through the kitchen the customs of a town, its natural riches and its tastes are known. Among a wide variety of Mexican specialties, tacos and guacamole are the dishes that stand out the most. Nor can we forget the tequila and mezcal-based cocktails in the purest Mexican style, such as our famous margaritas. We organize different parties throughout the month and we constantly have promotions that will allow you to enjoy the best food and drink with the essence of Mexico in a fun environment.




Guacamole Freshly made, accompanied by tortilla chips.€7.50
Tamales Accompanied by mole and pico de gallo.€10.50
Nachos With its melted cheese and pico de gallo. Choose your sauce: Bean, green or red€9.20
Chilaquiles Nachos with red sauce and shredded chicken.€9.70
Synchronized Sandwich type of cheese and york ham, but with a wheat tortilla.€6.60
Bean and cheese casserole€5.20
Tuna with chipotle Veracruz style!€6.50


3 per plate

Super Mexican

Pastor Tasty pork tacos with pineapple, cilantro and onion. (4 units of corn tortilla)€9.50
El Gringo The Pastor’s meat but with cheese.€9.60
Cochinita Pibil Pork marinated and slow cooked, with red onion. (4 units of corn tortilla)€9.50
Tinga Poblana Juicy stripped beef with tomato.€9.50
The Blonde The meat of the suckling pig but with cheese.9.70€
Carnitas Pork prepared as in Michoacán.€9.50
Taco Güero Pork marinated, with cheese, pepper, mushroom and delicious bacon.€9.60

The Tampiqueñas

Tomato, onion and jalapeño, finely chopped and grilled with the meat of your choice.

Chicken €9.50
Pork €9.50

The Poblanos

The crown jewels! Delicious mix of cheese, poblano pepper and our magic touch.

Poblano Chicken €9.85
Poblano Steak 10€
Poblano Pork €9.75

Cheese Casseroles

Normal Melted cheese€7.20
Poblano Cheese With mild poblano pepper€7.70
Calpeño Cheese Pepper, onion and courgette€7.60
Nopal Cheese Mixcladito with cactus€7.70
Chori Cheese Delicious chorizo and onion€7.70
Mushroom Cheese Tasty mushrooms€7.70


Traditional as if they were homemade: We wrap the meat in its tortilla, bathe it in sauce, cover it with cheese and bake it….

Switzerland The star! Decide which meat you like best. Chicken, Veal, Pork.€10.90
Chicken Choose your favorite sauce: Green, Red or Mole€10.90
Ranchera Beef. Choose your favorite sauce: Green, Red or Mole€10.90
Enfrijolada Delicious, with bean sauce. Chicken, Beef, Pork€10.90
Pibil Pork marinated with orange; delicious!€10.90


What better way to end a succulent meal than with one of our delicious and homemade desserts

Chocolate Cake Cookies with a chocolate cream, accompanied by vanilla ice cream!€4.90
Cheesecake Soft delight.€4.90
Cajeta Crepes True to our usual style. Crepes dipped in cajeta, our traditional dessert.€3.95


Beer Depending on the season with taquero vinaigrette€7.50
Cesar with chicken Lettuce, grilled chicken and cesar sauce€8.20
Nopales Nopal, tomato and onion€6.60

What’s hot?

Spicy Chicken Grilled, with bacon and chipotle€9.10
Stomp and Run Tasty beef and rich chipotle.€10.20
Red Chicken Fusion with blue cheese and our famous chipotle!€10.20
Bistek Yucatán Tasty beef, onion, perrins sauce and jalapeño.€10.40

With Chicken

Chicken Nopal and Cheese With grilled cactus and cheese.€10.40
Drunk Chicken Mixed with tomato and tequila.€8.90
Canderlaria Chicken Ummm with chorizo ​​and cheese….€9.10
Chicken with Tequila Grilled with a tasty touch of tequila.€9.10

The Calpeños

A tasty mix of peppers, mushrooms, onions and bacon.

Chicken €9.00

The Classics

Chicken with cheese Grilled and with its little cheese.10€
Steak with Cheese Tasty veal with cheese.€10.60


All are accompanied by rice, beans, pico de gallo and 4 tortillas.

Chicken fajitas: Delicious combination of chicken, bacon, onion and peppers.12€
Pork fajitas: Authentic Yucatan-style marinated pork.12€
Beef fajitas: Tasty combination of beef, bacon, onion and peppers.€12.60


Normal Tortillas stuffed with grilled melted cheese.€7.20
Huitlacoche With delicious corn fungus.€8.00
Xochil Soft pumpkin flower.€8.00
Norteñas Delicious with chorizo or mushroom€8.00


Taco Huerta A mixture of zucchini, onion, peppers, nopal and mushroom. With cheese and grilled€9.50
Vegetarian Enchilada Nopal rolled in its tortilla, covered with green sauce, cheese and baked.€10.90
Taco Nepali Grilled nopal with cheese€9.25

Dare: combine!

Extra Cheese€1.30
Extra Pico de Gallo€1.30
Extra Beans€1.30
Extra green or red sauce€1.30
Extra Jalapenos€1.30
Extra Wheat tortillas €1.40
Extra corn tortillas €1.65
Chocolate crepes The usual ones but this time dipped in delicious chocolate…€3.95
Caramel Banana Tasty fresh banana with delicious caramel.€3.95
Lemon sorbet with tequila To finish with a fresh touch in the purest Mexican style.€4.95
Ice Cream Cups Choose your favorite flavour: Strawberry or Vanilla€3.60
Add a scoop of ice cream to your dessert€1.00

Cocktails & Drinks


Special Model€3.25
Black Model€3.25
Michelada with your favorite beer€4.20





Golden Willow3.50€
Don Julio/1800€7.00




In the absence of coffee, we have specialized in delicious cocktails. The perfect final note to your meal

Cockroach Tequila and Kalua.€6.00
Dove Tequila with lemon.€6.00
Golden Dove Reposado tequila and lemon.€6.00
Penguin Tequila, milk and Kalua.€6.00
Vampire Tequila, tomato juice, valentina and lime.€6.00
Tequila Sunrise Tequila, orange juice and grenadine.€6.00
Daikiri Strawberry Rum, pineapple and strawberry.€6.50
Daikiri lemon Rum, lemon.€6.50
Pina colada Rum, pineapple, coconut and milk.€6.00
Mojitos Rum, peppermint and sugar.€6.00
San Francisco Orange, pineapple and grenadine juice.€6.00







The normal one€6.00
La Dorada Especial (with reposado tequila)€6.50
The Queens Strawberry or Mango€6.50
La Catrina With mezcal and lime€6.50



Red Worm€3.75


Zignum Reposado€6.00








Soft drinks

Still water€2.25
Sparkling water€2.80
Juices: Pineapple, Orange, Peach€2.40


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  • literally one of the best mexican restaurants in town. we really loved the ambiance and the food. gracias

    thumb Ορφέας Κωνσταντίνου
    May 24, 2022

    Love this restaurant!!! Must order the Tacos Pollo picoso if you like spicy!!

    thumb Angelica Torres
    March 21, 2022

    Very friendly Service, good vegetarian options! Beautiful ambiance

    thumb Joyce Baumhoer
    June 7, 2022
  • The food is very good and you get a lot for the price. They also have a great selection of cocktails and the Ambiente is top. We choose the starter and it was huge, as you can see in the picture and delicious. You also get nachos with two different sauces at the beginning. We will definitely visit again!

    thumb Noemi Bontempo
    April 21, 2022

    Great place, amazing food, kind staff!

    thumb Lori Atar
    April 21, 2022

    Bebida buena comida buena y gente buena que más se puede pedir.

    thumb R.O.C
    June 15, 2022
  • La comida estaba bien, pero esperaba más!!! atención, fue un poco rara, el camarero aparecía de vez en cuando.

    June 14, 2022

    They serve some tortillas with different salsas as snack before you start your meal which was really great!

    I tried the tacos al pastor. It was good but not the best I've had before. Staff is friendly and happily accommodated me with what I asked for.

    thumb Nissim Pradhan
    May 21, 2022

    Nachos geniales y gran cantidad y hoy hemos probado las enchiladas y muy buenas, el personal como siempre muy amables

    thumb Belen Minaya
    June 18, 2022


We organize the best parties

We organize the best parties

Tequila parties, taco and party, lots of party. Bachelor parties, birthdays, company cocktails... Personalized shows for every occasion with the most genuine flavor of our beautiful and beloved Mexico.

We have a private place: La Cantina

We have a private place: La Cantina

Most surprising and original celebrations in a venue for exclusive private parties. With a maximum capacity for 35 people, located in the center of Madrid, perfect for your celebrations.

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Request a quote for La Taquería or La Cantina

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